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Fall 2021

Dear FCACC Members:

As you worked last Monday you were being talked about…in the best of ways. 13 FCACC members visited our Senate and Congressional Representatives offices in Washington (via Zoom) to talk about the practice of cardiology in Florida. We brought our patient stories and our practice insights to people who need to know how things really work in medicine. Specifically, we:

        • Lobbied to avoid all reductions in your reimbursement. The 10% proposed practice cuts across the board to all physicians, as well as 25% to EP services, are not sustainable. We made it clear that the healthcare system is still on the front lines in a crisis and cannot afford to be further destabilized. Vibrant practices are needed to counter the surge in sicker patients.
        • Fought for reform in the prior authorization nightmare we face regularly. We all battle the prior authorizations every day. The delegation illustrated this with real-life stories that demonstrated the human cost of this abusive practice by 3rd party payers.
        • Educated lawmakers about the critical value of telehealth beyond the pandemic. We found we were able to effectively connect through video and audio to patients using telehealth during the worst of the pandemic. These connections should be a part of future care. Some of our homebound seniors and underserved populations can be more effectively monitored without constantly coming into an office.
        • Discussed that the 2019 Congress - with our urging - passed a bill allowing our CVTeam members to supervise cardiac rehab. The catch was it would not take place until 2024. We all know the evidence shows cardiac rehab saves lives and is needed now, not in two years. Hopefully, we were successful in securing access to this vital program this year.
Did the world change for the better when we woke up on Tuesday? No, it’s never that easy. But I truly believe that those we talked to saw our view point, were concerned about our patients and practices, and will seriously consider our ideas as healthcare is discussed. I am confident that we made a difference. Please consider getting involved in our legislative efforts. It is incredibly satisfying to see legislation that we have championed become law. The more people we have on Capitol Hill, the louder our voice. Please join me in sending sincere thanks to all those who took two days off from their practice and advocated for us all.

David Perloff, MD, FCACC

President, Florida Chapter ACC


ACC CardioSmart recently published the infographic below to emphasize the importance of maintaining heart health through the epidemic. Click here for additional information.

Heart Health During COVID-19 graphic

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