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FL Cardiology PAC Frequently Asked Questions

How is contributing to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC an investment in my practice, my profession, and my future?

Lawmakers in Tallahassee will continue to debate and potentially enact laws affecting the practice of cardiovascular medicine.  Hot button issues include: health information technology; comparative effectiveness research; quality and appropriate use; and potentially harmful cuts in Medicare reimbursement.  It is imperative for the FCACC to have a seat at the table during these debates. Through the bipartisan political action committee (PAC), the FCACC is able to support lawmakers and candidates with a $500 donation to their election campaign who are supporters of the cardiovascular community.  This is why contributing to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC is a direct investment in the future and preservation of our profession.

How will FL CARDIOLOGY PAC use the funds given by contributors like me?

Contributions to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC are used to support and elect pro-physician lawmakers.  Each year, the PAC Board reviews and approves a slate of candidates to receive these funds.  The disbursement list presented to the Board is comprised of members of key committees and subcommittees as well as leadership.  Consideration is also given to those who are physicians or particularly supportive of the physician community.

Will FL CARDIOLOGY PAC support members of Congress who vote against our interests?

It is possible that a member who does not support us in one area will be our biggest champion in another.  Therefore, it is important to continue dialogue with lawmakers in the hope that we can change their viewpoints when necessary, or at least be given the opportunity to explain our positions on issues.

I already make political contributions to candidates for federal office, why should I also contribute to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC?

FL CARDIOLOGY PAC understands that some members have personal relationships and ties to congressional (federal) and other state (Florida) candidates.  However, we also urge you to consider making a contribution to the FL Cardiology PAC.  When FL CARDIOLOGY PAC makes a disbursement to a candidate’s campaign, it reminds lawmakers that there is a large and growing constituency of cardiologists who are both politically aware and actively involved.  The collective voice ensures lawmakers that we appreciate their support and role in ensuring the health of every Floridian.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Contributions are voluntary and are not tax-deductible.

Does my contribution need to be from a personal or business account?

Your contribution to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC can be from a personal and/or a corporate account.

How much can I give to FL CARDIOLOGY PAC?

An individual or corporation may give as much as they wish, there is no limit.

Is there a minimum contribution level?

No contribution is too small to further FL CARDIOLOGY PAC’s efforts.

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