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Through a grant funded by the ACC Board of Governors, the Florida Chapter, American College of Cardiology and the Florida Society of Clinical Oncology developed a joint program to assess gaps in knowledge and then create educational materials about the emerging field of cardio-oncology. The results of the work of the joint group are a series of educational materials aimed to close the knowledge gaps.

COLLABORATION among health care providers is becoming increasingly important. To assess the gaps in knowledge of Cardio- Oncology, the Florida chapters of the ACC and ASCO have partnered to create joint educational materials.

DECIDING who needs a Cardio-Oncology consult is still a moving target and we hope to be able to increase awareness of cardio-toxicities and bridge the gap to make sure patients are cared for in a streamlined, efficient fashion.

IN THE FUTURE, we encourage participation of others as this field continues to grow, and hope you get involved with FCACC and FLASCO Cardio-Oncology sections as well as the National sections.


Thank you to FCACC members who took the cardio-oncology survey. A few advanced highlights of the results are below.

      • 50%  said there are no Cardio Oncology Services in their community, 42 % said yes, 8 % didn’t even know.
      • From those who said yes (they have CO services in their community), 66 % have not referred any patients to them.
      • 90% said CO services are of value to their communities

These timely educational materials are reviews of important clinical subjects, brief outlines of what to be aware of, and a few selected references that can be reviewed in a matter of 10 minutes to help increase awareness of cardio-oncology issues. View or Download them today.

5-FU and Capecitabine 

Diego Sadler, MD, FACC

Anthracycline Cardio-Toxicity: The Calm Before the Storm

Anita M. Arnold, DO, FACC, MBA


Arrhythmias and QT Prolongationin Cancer Patients

Michael Fradley, MD, FACC

Cardiac Imaging for Early Detection of Cancer Therapeutics-Related Cardiac Dysfunction

Patricia Guerrero, MD, FACC

Immune Check Point Inhibitors

Diego Sadler, MD, FACC


Prevention and Monitoring of Cardiac Dysfunction in Survivors of Adult Cancers: ASCO

Clinical Practice Guidelines. Taken from: Journal of Clinical Oncology 2017 35:8, 893-911 

Compiled by Deepti Bhandare, MD, FACC 

Proteasome Inhibitors 

Patricia Guerrero, MD, FACC

Radiation toxicity

Michael Fradley, MD


Roohi Ismail-Khan, MD


Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis and Treatment in Patients with Cancer

Karla Quevedo, MD, FACC

Cardiology Oncology Reports Features New Article Highlighting FCACC Cardio-oncology Activities

image of cardio-o journal article

Click here to read it: Reaching Across the Aisle: Cardio-Oncology Advocacy and Program Building

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